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Doug Hanson Live Event DVD Series
Price: $239.00


Recorded live in Las Vegas and filled with nearly 4 hours of some of Doug's best stories and lessons. Own the complete series today:

  1. The Church Story ("Condition Yourself for Success")
  2. Life Transformations ("Improve Your Mindset and Your Life")
  3. Energy: Your Secret Weapon ("How to Create More Energy in Your Life and Influence Others")
  4. Lessons in Leadership ("Parables and Principles that will Inspire the Leader Inside You")
  5. Building a Powerful Family ("Real Stories and Strategies from Doug's Own Family Life")

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"You Deserve to Be Happy" 6 Audio CD Set
Price: $119.00


Doug's "You Deserve to Be Happy" 6 CD set provides you the skills and inspiration to make your dreams reality. Renew your mind and transform your life today! You’ll learn:

  • Key life principles from Doug’s “Church Story” – his most requested story
  • How to create a compelling vision for your future
  • How to find your “Golden Essence”
  • The key to momentum
  • How to restore your youthful abundance of energy
  • The disciplines of top producers
  • How to make positive thinking a habit
  • The greatest “people skill” of all time
  • Eight strategies for turning information into action

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"101 Distinctions between Success and Failure" Book
Price: $10.00

Full of time-tested wisdom and delivered in 2-3 page easy-to-read "chapters" (60-90 seconds each), 101 Distinctions will help lift your spirits and create extraordinary success in every area of your life. The principles within this book have been tested and proven true in the fire of experience by some of the most successful people on the planet.

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"Motivational Selling" Book
Price: $10.00

Motivational Selling shares remarkable stories, insights, strategies, anecdotes and examples to help you be more motivated and more effective in any sales environment. In fact, the motivation transcends sales and is guaranteed to help you be more effective regardless of your profession. Motivational Selling is a compilation of wisdom from America's top motivational sales speakers, trainers, authors, and sales professionals.

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"Motivational Leaders" Book
Price: $10.00


Strategies and Wisdom From America's Top Professional Motivators

The ultimate resource for motivating yourself and others. A rare combination of captivating stories, illustrations, and analogies, each culminating in practical lessons and insights guaranteed to leave you feeling motivated and empowered. This book shares heartwarming experiences of overcoming adversity, of mentors who believed in someone else and made a difference, and of being the underdog and persevering under adverse circumstances.

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3-Book Special "Motivational Leaders" - "Motivational Selling" - "101 Distinctions"
Price: $24.00

$30 $24 Sale!
Get all three books at a discount:
  1. Motivational Leaders
  2. Motivational Selling
  3. 101 Distinctions between Success and Failure

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